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30 Years of Excellence – The Alloa School of Taekwon-Do

30 Years of Excellence – The Alloa School of Taekwon-Do

Dear All,  

Having been distracted by the chaos forced on us this year, I realised today that I forgot to highlight an important milestone in our Taekwon-Do history in the UKTC.  

30 years ago, in 1990, Grand Master Harkess gave me permission to open my first Taekwon-Do schools in Alloa and Stirling. Both clubs have played a massive part in the history of the UKTC. When the UKTC was formed in 1993, both clubs were an important foundation for the growth of the UKTC. In particular, with the exception of our Edinburgh club which Grand Master Harkess founded, the Alloa School of Taekwon-Do’s influence is probably unmatched by any other Taekwon-Do club in the UK. A huge percentage of instructors, past and present, are all linked to the Alloa School of Taekwon-Do. By the same argument a huge percentage of our World, European and National medalists and champions, past and present, are linked with the Alloa School of Taekwon-Do.  

For those unaware of the Alloa club’s influence, please see below a short list of graduate instructors from the club who are currently still teaching:  

Master Liane Rooney
Master Brian Leckie
Mr David McNeil
Mr Steven Murphy
Mr Michael Wiseman
Mr Michael Ross
Mrs Esther Leckie  

Other instructors, who started training with me or my Black Belt graduates from the Alloa club include:  
Master Walter Livingston
Miss Maria Risk
Miss Michelle Haining
Mr John Samson
Mrs Yvonne Samson
Mr Dominic Elder
Mr Alistair Vera
Mr Kenny Clark
Mr Derek Webb
Mr Andrew Hamilton
Miss Chloe Gavin
Mr Gavin Fulton
Mr Richard Glennie
Miss Nicola Hendry
Miss Catriona Elder
Mr Liam Faulds
Mr Joe Macaulay
Mr Luke Webster
Mr Duncan McKellar
Mr Scott Inglis
Mr Raymond Crooks
Mr Robbie Steggles  

We must also rocognise the incredible influence of Master Leckie’s and Mr Murphy’s instructors, including:

Miss Stacey Cummings
Mr Philip Starr
Mr Euan McDonald
Mr Scott Wyllie
Mrs Wyllie
Miss Emma McKee
Mr Chris McGilvary
Mr Colin Campbell
Mr Paul Dillon
Ms Alicia Xeroulis
Mr Wilson
Mr Crawford
and many, many others (please accept my apology if I have omitted your name).  

All the instructors currently teaching, linked with the instructors above, can trace their heritage back to the Alloa club.  

Many other former instructors can also be traced back to the Alloa club including Mr William McKinsley, Mr Colin Patterson, Mr Jamie Mahoney, Ms Wendy Robertson, Mr Armin Gohrisch, Mr David Burris, Ms Sarah McMahon, Ms Nichola Truesdale, Ms Kerry Adam, Mr Silvano Menoni, Mr Alan Cook, Ms Kirsty Lang, Mr Christopher Hunter, Mrs Lynne Booth, Mrs Cynthia Castell, Mr James Nelson, Mr Gary Fleming, Mr Joe Hamill and many others.  

All these instructors have collectively taught tens, maybe hundreds, of thousands of students in the UK. The influence of one single club has been incredible. However, without Grand Master Peter Harkess, I would have not been a Taekwon-Do instructor, the Alloa club would have not been formed and none of this would have happened. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity offered to me and the support of everyone who helped create this wonderful history. I sincerely hope that we can all continue to influence people in a positive way.  

Kind regards,  

Master Stephen Rooney