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Complimentary Online Training Website

New Online Training Website –

Important Message for all students training with Master Stephen Rooney, Master Liane Rooney, Miss Risk, Miss Haining, Mrs Samson, Miss Gavin, Miss Hendry, Miss Elder, Mr McNeil, Mr Wiseman, Mr Samson, Mr Vera, Mr K Clark, Mr Elder, Mr Hamilton, Mr M Ross, Mr Glennie and Mr Webster.

We are delighted to announce that our members online training website is now available for all TKD and LTC members.

To register, go to

When prompted, please use your email address as your Username (Very Important – this must be your email address you registered with your Nest Agreement. This is how the website will recognise you as a member).

Choose ‘Lost your password’ to create your new Password and log in.

The website provides comprehensive video tuition for Fundamental Exercises, Kicking, Breaking, Sparring and Patterns (Chon Ji up to 2nd Dan Pattern – Juche). Also included are training videos for our Little Tiger Cubs.

New videos will be regularly added to the website.