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End of Suspension Status

Important Notice for 2021 

End of Suspension and Reduced Fee Status

Dear Students/Parents,

Please note 3 very important membership updates for January 2021:


Return to Standard Fees from Reduced Rates

For members who reduced their fees to the reduced levels of £10 and £30 per month, please be advised that our standard monthly fee will be reinstated from January 2021.


Reinstatement of Membership Fees currently in Suspension

To re-instate your membership from 1st January 2021 please email us at   

Please state student name(s) and club you normally attend.


Cancellation of Suspended Fees

All memberships still on suspension on 1st January 2021 will automatically be cancelled so that we can offer our available spaces in our clubs to new members. We hope to welcome you back to class in the future should you wish to join again.


Please email if you need any advice or assistance with the information above.


Kind regards,

Master Stephen Rooney