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Grading Schedule with Master Stephen Rooney for February 2021
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Sunday 7th February 2021
Active Tigers – White Stripe to Black Stripe 12-1pm
White Belts & Yellow Tags 1.30-2.30pm
Yellow Belts & Green Tags 3-4pm
Sunday 14th February 2021
Green Belts & Blue Tags 2-3pm
Blue Belts, Red Tags & Red Belts 3.30-4.30pm
Students Yellow Belt and above should ask their instructor for approval to test. To be eligible to test all students yellow belt and above must also have attended the required Pre-Grading Seminars and time between tests as follows:
Yellow Belts & Green Tags – 1 Pre-Grading Seminar with a minimum & 3 months training
Green Belts & Blue Tags – 2 Pre-Grading Seminars with a minimum 3 months training
Blue Belts to Red Belts – 3 Pre-Grading Seminars with a minimum 6 months training
Grading by Video Presentation rather than Zoom
Any student who would prefer to grade by sending in a video presentation rather than participating in a live Zoom grading can do so by emailing for details.