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Official Statement on Indoor Classes

Master Rooney Taekwon-Do Schools
Official Statement on Indoor Classes
Dear Parents & Students,
It has been a long time since we enjoyed the natural freedom to go to our local dojang and enjoy training indoors with our friends.
Therefore, we are delighted to announce that some of our classes have now restarted indoors. However, it will be some time before things truly return to normal. We must proceed with caution, following the Health & Safety guidance of the Government, the National Governing Body and the Venue Management.
We shall strictly adhere to guidance on social distancing, the use of hand gel, numbers allowed for each class, track & trace, reserving your class in advance, no contact training, facemasks to be worn on entering and leaving a venue, one way systems where possible, drop off & pickup for parents, no spectators in the training hall, footwear to be worn in class, the cleaning of venues and equipment before, in between and after class, and all other important guidance required to keep everyone safe.
As we cautiously restart our classes, we would ask everyone to kindly support all efforts which are intended to run our classes safely. Our classes are reduced to 45 minutes for now to support the health & safety measures to allow our instructors to clean the venue before the next class or venue user requires the hall. A strict booking system must be implemented to ensure we do not have too many participants turning up to any class. There is no facility for spectators and we ask parents dropping off and picking up their children to keep themselves and others safe by wearing face masks and observing social distancing when approaching the venue. We fully appreciate that some of these measures are very restrictive and time consuming. However, it is important that we all support these measures so that our students can all get back to enjoying their Taekwon-Do classes indoors.
We shall endeavour to keep all our students informed of developments using our Facebook pages and the UKTC website. If students are happy to be kept informed by SMS text and email, please ensure that you have opted in for these forms of communications using our Nest Management communication system (unfortunately, the majority of payers opted out when asked to do so, meaning they may have missed important updates over the past 6 months).We do understand that some people do not want to use Facebook (which is their right to do so). However, please be advised that the UKTC uses this form of social media as our prime source of disseminating information due to its immediate and efficient results. Our Website ( will publish general information but not with the detail of our Facebook pages.
In closing, all our instructors would like to thank everyone who has continued to train with us over the past 6 months (online and outdoors), and now look forward to welcoming all our students back indoors in the next few weeks. All students who suspended or reduced their training can upgrade to accessing the indoor classes by emailing . For any students who need to continue shielding, Facetime sessions, access to our UKTC Video Library and Zoom classes on request can be enjoyed by being a member of our closed Facebook page

Kind regards,
Master Stephen Rooney