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Official Statement on Re-Instating Memberships

Master Rooney Taekwon-Do Schools
Official Statement on Re-Instating Memberships
Dear Parents & Students,
As some of our indoor classes are re-opening, we would like to welcome back any students who cancelled, suspended or reduced their membership opportunities.
For the convenience of students who reduced or suspended their membership at the beginning or during lock down, if your club will be running from now we will save you the significant time and effort to re-instate your membership by automatically re-instating it for you. Nest Management will write to you to confirm this, giving you 10 working days to cancel your membership if you are not ready to return.
If you have received an email or letter from Nest this week, we hope you are happy to return to class. If you do not wish to return then simply let Nest know or email us at .
For students who cancelled but wish to re-start, please email us at and we will process your request.
For any students who need to continue shielding, Facetime sessions, access to our UKTC Video Library and Zoom classes on request can be enjoyed by being a member of our closed Facebook page

Your instructors and I are looking forward to meeting you all again in class.
Kind regards,
Master Stephen Rooney