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Results from the 2017 Professor Chang Ung Cup International ITF Championship

The UKTC would like to thank all the competitors, spectators, coaches, officials, and umpires for their support in attending the 2017 Professor Chang Ung Cup. The overall champions were as follows:
Black Belt Adult Male
Jesse Broeren (Netherlands)
Black Belt Adult Female
Stacy McAndrew (Glasgow)
Black Belt Adult Veteran Male
Scott Thompson (Elgin)
Black Belt Adult Veteran Female
Sarah Bennell (Manchester)
Black Belt Junior Male (10-13)
Daniel Bissett (Edinburgh)
Black Belt Junior Female (10-13)
Alisha Donald (Irvine)
Black Belt Junior Male (14-17)
Kade Williams (Cardiff)
Black Belt Junior Female (14-17)
Rachael McCune (Northern Ireland)
Colour Belt Adult Male
Luke Rhoden (Dumfries)
Colour Belt Adult Female
Suzanne Rowles (Warrington)
Colour Belt Adult Veteran Male
David Hinks (Peebles)
Colour Belt Adult Veteran Female
Lindsay Andrews (Northern Ireland)
Colour Belt Junior Male (5-8)
Adam Russell (East Kilbride)
Colour Belt Junior Female (5-8)
Christina Rhodan (Wishaw)
Colour Belt Junior Male (9-17)
Sebastien Olejiczak (Northern Ireland)
Colour Belt Junior Female (9-17)
Soul-Be Courtney (Northern Ireland)